Monday, November 14

bygone be bygone

u leave me
y u find me now?
u give me a pain
y u treat me again?
u brake my heart
y u make me someone special to you?
u ignore me
y u waiting me now?

what u want actually?
you make me hurt..
you make me feel like i'm so stupid
you thing i'm easily fall into you?
you make me feel anger every time you say it to me
why you give it to me?
why you said it to me?
why look me like that way?

can you explain to me?
if you don't want me anymore..
why you still make me feel confusing?

who am i?
is it i'm so special???
if i'm...
you are lying to me...
i'm not special at all

because you treat me only you want it...
you never care what i'm doing
you never care what i want
you never say it to me

you want me to understand you??
then you just wait me to say it all to you?
i have say it...
but did you take a note what i'm say it?
not at all
you never understand me

if you read this...
think it...
you make my life mess
you make me angry
you ever make me down
you play around with my feeling

if you want to make a friend with me
make it like i'm your friend only
treat me like i'm your friend

i have my own life
i have my own partner
i have my own happiness
i have my own strength
i have what i want

think it
don't make me like this
don't break my heart again
if we were meant to be
just wait
if not we just friend
i don't want to let go what i have right now
all i have right now make me happy
make me smile
make me feel i'm so completely

thanks for understand
i really love my boyfriend
he meant a lot to me
he care about me
he take care of me
he listen what i want to say
he teach me
he do a lot to me
he is everything to me

that it
thank you
salam Nur

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